Provincial Laboratory for Public Health - Microbiology (ProvLab)

ProvLab has identified and tracked bacteria, viruses and other threats to the health of Albertans for over 100 years. Armed with new technology and tools, the work continues as ProvLab staff in the Calgary and Edmonton laboratories process just under two million tests annually.

Isolating, typing and tracking the various influenza strains helps monitor vaccine effectiveness and control outbreaks. H1N1 influenza is one of the major viral illnesses faced today. ProvLab also is part of an international effort to monitor emerging disease strains, such as bird flu (H5N1), SARS, West Nile, Norovirus, tuberculosis, meningitis and sexually transmitted diseases.

As well as managing disease and food-borne bacterial outbreak investigations, ProvLab works with the identification of unknown white powders that can be suspect in acts of bio-terrorism.

Whether the threat is natural or deliberate, ProvLab will continue to provide critical elements in protecting the health of Albertans and all Canadians.

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